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Prototype and Production of Miniature Metal and Plastic Components

Micro Machinery

Micro Machinery

High Tech Turning has developed expertise in the machining of hundreds of different miniature components in plastic, titanium, stainless steel, nickel, and Nitinol. Miniature components are frequently used in minimally invasive surgical devices and in micro electronics. These components can be as small as .020" in diameter with over all lengths under .025" and drilled holes under .010" and tolerances of .0005".

Our experience includes the high production of complex contour milled stainless steel heart surgery components with slots, serrated teeth, and .010" cross holes and all other dimensions less than .080".

If your miniature components require novel geometries, then our engineers can work from your solid models to develop fixtures and CNC programs to produce quality parts at the right price.

High Tech Turning has found that machining miniature components requires a new mind set. Machinists and inspectors have to be comfortable working with components that are only truly visible with magnification. We have developed a comfort level in controlling tolerances at the micro level and edge conditions at the microscopic level.

Prototyping services are available.

We request the opportunity to quote on your miniature components.

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